Locating RDPlus+ serial number and activating it

Locate the Admin Tool on your desktop (or in C:\Program Files (x86)\RDPLUS\UserDesktop\files\AdminTool.exe):

Double-click on it, then click on the license tile.

You can now see the Serial Number:

Send a screenshot like this to support@intersoft.net.au (press alt+Prt Scrn to take a screenshot of only the currently selected window). Include in your email:

The company name and contact details of the customer who will be using RDPlus

The number and type of licenses required

Your Payment (Paypal) Reference Number

After we process your license request, we will send you your license.lic file. Save this file on the computer where RDPlus is installed, and keep a copy of it for your records. Then open the AdminTool and click on Activate your License in the License tab.

Click Activate License (licence.lic file) and browse to the location where you saved your license file.

You should receive a message stating that your license has been activated, and confirming the number and type of licenses.

RDPlus licenses are linked to the serial number of the machine that you registered with us when you activated the license. The license is perpetual, and includes all future updates of RDPlus. However, if you wish to transfer your RDPlus license to a new computer we do charge a license re-issue fee.

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