RDPlus For Windows is compatible with the following 32/64 bit Microsoft’s Operating Systems:

checkmarkWindows 10
checkmarkWindows 8.1
checkmarkWindows 8
checkmarkWindows 7
checkmarkWindows Vista
checkmarkServer 2016
checkmarkServer 2012 R2
checkmarkServer 2012
checkmarkServer 2008 R2
checkmarkServer 2008
checkmarkSBS 2008
checkmarkSBS 2011


It is recommended to use the Professional and Ultimate versions of Windows for all RDPlus servers.

Full Version – Corporate Edition Trial License Included (15 Days, 5 User)


Full Setup
(updated on 17/5/2018)
Installation file
for all supported operating systems.
*15 Day Trial License

update /

Update Release
(updated on 17/5/2018)
Apply this patch to upgrade any older version
to the latest one.
*Support Subscription Required*

Release Notes v11.40.8.23 – 23/08/2018

– Improved first session for newly created users: the full desktop is not displayed anymore (if the user has floating panel, taskbar or single app assigned)
– Rebranded versions

Release Notes v11.40.8.10 – 10/08/2018

– – Folder.exe display the content of the folder in command line (if any), as it did in 11.30

– Web Credentials logins are now case insensitive

– Web Server: fixed time zone names when using Java 11 or 12
– Web Server: webserver\settings.bin parametter “ie6_ssl_workaround=true” now extends support for IE8 SSL on XP systems; this is required for IE8 because Oracle removed Ciphers on latest Java8
– HTML5: several fixes for Japanese language and keyboard
– HTML5: fixed compatibility issue with IE8 (it is an old browser and we do not recommend using it)

Release Notes v11.40.8.2 – 02/08/2018

– Client Generator: some texts were missing after a clean install.
– Setup: added a new parameter to enable/disable the add-on installation. It can be usefull for silent installs: /Addons no
– Setup: the Add-on pop-up did stay open for too long after the admin clicked on a button.
– AdminTool : minor bug fix in license file activation.

Release Notes v11.40.7.31 – 31/07/2018

– Client Generator: The client generator is compiling a program (.exe) and it is not possible to numerically sign it. Due to this technical fact, some anti-virus and W10 security are setting false/positive reactions. This is a serious issue and we had to redesign the Client Generator to protect the RDplus users from this false/positive annoyances.To do so, a signed program named “Setup-ConnectionClient.exe” has been developed. Each user will have to run this setup on his PC. It will install locally the required RDplus client. Instead of a “.exe” program, the new Client Generator is creating a flat encrypted file with the extension “.connect”. This “.connect” file extension is associated with the local RDplus connection client. The user will just have to double click on the “.connect” file to start his session.

– Application publishing: The administrator can now move up or down declared applications for a better presentation in the Floating Panel.
– To enhance the security, the Client Generator now includes a new release of Sumatra.
– To enhance the security, a new release of Ghostscript driver has been included.
– To enhance the security, a new release of Jquery has been included.
– To enhance security, a new release of OpenSSL security dll has been included.
– To enhance security, The CGI communication code is now enabling the use of POST instead of GET. As result, when using HTTPS the URLs command lines are encrypted.
– To enhance security, brute force attacks by the Web Portal are blocked when wrong typing of user credentials. After 5 attempts (default value), the Web Portal prohibit the logon during 5 minutes (default value).
– To enhance security, RDS-Knight is now installed after approval of the customer at setup or Update (trial version) and the AdminTool Advance Security tab include the tile to start RDS-Knight.
– To enhance security, new variables has been created in AppControl.ini

onlyuserwithapp=yes This will logoff users without assigned application

appcmdline=no This is prohibiting starting application with a URL and command line

whitelistadmin=yes Avoid Administrators to be blocked by these security rules

– To enhance security, in settings.js (HTML5), you can now set your own landing page depending on the error code.

In www\software\html5\settings.js

Add as last line

W.errorForwardLogon = { “err40”: “https://www.google.com” };


W.errorForwardLogon = { “err40”: “https://www.google.com”, “err30” : “../index.html” };

You can find the list of error codes in www\software\html5\language.js
With this new feature, each error message will be forwarded to your preferred link.
One more point. If you want to avoid the display of a message in case of a problem, you just have to enter an empty string for this error code in language.js

For example: W.langstring.err40 = “”;

– One option in AppControl.ini has been added to avoid the automatic installation of the Ghostprint Universal Printer driver if the customer want to remove the Universal Printer.
([Security] printerdriver=no)

– OpenOnClient: If no file was provided as parameter to OpenOnClient we had an error. It is fixed now. If OpenOnClient is started without a specified file, the program is asking the user to select a file.

– Explorer.exe as one published application was not possible. It is possible now.
– In the Web Application Portal, Explorer was starting when running another application. It is fixed now.
– Folder.exe design has been changed to enhance its display.
– The RDplus Taskbar AdminTool tile has been enhance to enable the change of minimized buttons position in the taskbar (on top of the screen, on the bottom, on the right, the left side, or in the center).


Compatibility Update

Use this file when an anti-virus, a Windows Hot Fix or Service Pack has corrupted RDPLUS. Reboot required.

Available here



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RDPlus – The Complete Guide

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