How many licenses do I need?

You will need a licence for each concurrent user. That is, if you have 10 user accounts configured, but only 5 people will ever need to access the server at any one time, you will only need to purchase a 5 user license. Also, no license is required for the user that is using the PC locally via the console. So in this scenario, at any one time you can have 5 users logged in remotely and 1 additonal user physically operating the PC via the console.

What happens if I purchase 1 license?

One license will net you the ability to have one user logged in remotely and one simultaneous physical user. On ‘Home’ editions of Windows systems this can make sense if you want remote access functionality but do not want to pay for and go through the process of upgrading the OS.

Just installed RDPlus but can still only connect 1 user?

If you have just installed RDPlus but are still receiving the same Windows screen asking you to log out the current user before you can log in, then something has gone wrong with your RDPlus installation. Generally this issue is the result of an Anti-virus on the PC that has quarantined RDPlus files or is blocking the execution of such files. In these cases it is generally best to do a full reinstall with the Anti-virus disabled.You can also run the “RDPlus System Audit” in the License tab of the Admin Tool, this can sometimes help find where the issue lies if Anti-virus is not the culprit.

What can I add to my Anti-virus exemptions?

To increase the stability of RDPlus all files within the following folders should be exempt from Anti-virus monitoring:C:\wsession

C:\Program Files (x86)\RDPLUS or C:\Program Files\RDPLUS for 32bit systems

(Assuming you installed RDPlus on C: drive)

How do I ensure a stable RDPlus server in my Production Environment?

To guarantee stability of your system within a production environment we recommend the following:
1. Disable all automatic updates, Windows and other
As a general rule it is not advised to install anything on a production system without good reason, you should always know the content of what you are installing and the potential impact it could have on the application stack installed on the system. These days software vendors are pushing tens of MB of software (bugs included) into live systems all over the world, usually in the background without any notice to the system admins or end users.
If you want to keep your software up to date perform all updates manually outside of production hours and preferably post-backup of your system. We have seen countless cases where businesses show up to work on Monday to a broken system due to automated updates over the weekend.
2. Perform reboots on a regular basis
This will reset the system memory and clear out any unnecessary processes that could be eating up your resources.
3. Avoid web browsing within remote sessions
This will prevent users from downloading and installing incompatible or malicious software on the system.
Additionally, web browsing can be highly resource intensive when users have multiple tabs of complex graphical web pages open, if your server is not spec’d to handle this, RAM and CPU usage can easily spiral out of control.
RDPlus enables you to set the server to forward the opening of web links to the user PC, this can be a smart way to handle this rule.
4. Setup appropriate Anti-virus exclusions
A false detection of RDPlus components can break RDPlus and result in unnecessary downtime. Make sure to exclude native RDPlus files from Anti-virus monitoring to avoid this.
More so, some Anti-virus software will launch a separate instance for each user session, this can heavily affect the performance of your system, when you have 10 separate instances of the exact same software monitoring the exact same system.

How do I access my server internally (Inside my network)?

If you have successfully installed RDPlus all PC’s on your local network should now be able to initiate a remote connection to your RDPlus server.To do so all you need is the local IP address of the RDPlus server or the PC name.
You can generate your own specially configured remote link within the RDPlus admin tool or you can use your favourite RDP connection client.All Windows PC’s come default with Windows default client “Remote Desktop Connection” you can find this by searching for “Remote Desktop” within your Start search function, or run “mstsc.exe”.

How do I access my server externally (Outside my network)?

To access your server from outside your network you will need to setup a port forwarding rule within your firewall or router. The default RDP port is 3389, however we recommend using a different port externally for security.
Each modem/router is different but you can normally find the port forward settings under “NAT” or “Port Forwarding” in the advanced menu.
An example of correctly configured port forward settings on a TP-Link Archer D7External port: Port used for external connection (This can be any port you pick or default 3389)Internal port: Port used by RDPlus internally, 3389 by default. (Can check or change this port within admin tool Server  Change RDP Port)Internal IP: Internal/Local IP address of your RDPlus serverProtocol: TCP or TCP/UDPYou should now be able to initiate a remote connection using the externally IP address of your server (e.g and the external port you have just forwarded (e.g 55501).
If using the Windows RDP client, you will need to insert a colon after the IP address and enter the external port.

RDPlus no longer works after a Windows Update?

Occasionally Windows updates can create issues with RDPlus. We stay on top of these issues as well as we can, if there is an incompatibility with a new Windows build, a patched update of RDPlus will promptly be released that addresses the issue. In most cases it’s as simple as hitting the “Check for Update” button in the Admin Tool > License Tab. However in some cases where you are coming from an older version of RDPlus or there is some other complication, you might have to perform a full uninstall > reinstall to the latest version.Please note: If you do not hold an active RDPlus Support and Updates subscription you are not entitled to install these updates and could face downtime in a live environment.

Can I add more users to my license later?

Absolutely! You can purchase additional users or upgrade your license type any time you desire.